Join Team Elite

Join an Elite Team!

Elite is a team of healthcare and customer service professionals dedicated to delivering elite quality care through our health care positions (CNA, LPN, RN), and to providing an excellent customer experience through our customer service position, the Hospitality Specialist! The Hospitality Specialist position does not require any special certifications or licensing to apply while our CNA, LPN, and RN positions do require active certification and licensing. Call or apply now, we can’t wait to meet you!


Following a decade of executive and national level healthcare leadership positions, Trent Cunningham of Cunningham Elite Staffing, LLC (Elite), has learned that every good thing in healthcare begins with great staffing and amazing customer service. Trent and his dedicated staff now focus all of their efforts in finding new team members to join the Elite Family who share this same passion.

Where do Elite Team Members Work?

Team Elite offers quality temporary healthcare solutions to fill open shifts at a variety of healthcare organizations including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, and other healthcare facilities which staff RN, LPN, CNA and multiple other positions. You are an Elite staffing employee, not a facility-based employee.

Do You Like Variety?

One of the most enjoyable parts of joining Team Elite is that you do not get stuck in the “rut.” You get to see and visit a variety of different facilities across the healthcare spectrum. You get to move around, meet new people, discover differences between the types of healthcare providers like nursing homes vs assisted living facilities and truly see what part of the industry you like best.

Work Where And When You Want

When working with Team Elite you can take long assignments or short assignments. You can move around or stay close to home. You can visit new cities or tuck your kids in each night. You get to choose where and when you work based on availability of assignments. Want tons of hours? Elite will make note of it. Want to pick up weekends, doubles, work only 3 days per week, work just night shifts, or, well … whatever? Elite will work with your availability and preference.

Elite Has Insurance!!!

It is very unusual to find a staffing agency which actually provides INSURANCE to its employees, but Elite is anything but usual, we are the premier provider of temporary staffing solutions; therefore, we strive to offer our valued family of Elite professionals every advantage possible. And so we are proud to provide insurance options to both full and part-time Elite team members.

Show Me the Money!!!

Money isn’t everything but let’s face it, it’s reasonably close to oxygen. Elite is dedicated to drawing in and then retaining the best of the best. We offer our team members INDUSTRY HIGH PAY. And when we say high, we mean it. Ask one of our team members for more details and see for yourself. Elite believes that reliable team members who show up for scheduled shifts and deliver qualified and compassionate care deserve GREAT pay!!

Insurance AND Money

Other healthcare employers may either offer you higher pay with no insurance (still not usually as high as Elite … just saying) or lower pay along with insurance options. Elite wants to address both needs in your life, excellent pay AND insurance!! We care about our team, we love our team, and we want the very best for you so that you can give your very best to the residents and facility staff that we serve.

Team Elite is Reliable

Elite is known for its reliability. Therefore, as an Elite Team Member you are expected to consistently show up for your scheduled shifts on time every time. Team Elite keeps its commitments, baring the truly infrequent emergency. Punctuality, quality care and customer service are our company’s signature features so this particular bar is set very high. Elite is reliable.