CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant Needed Olympia

Certified Nursing Assistant

The Certified Nursing Assistant provides services on a supplemental staffing basis to our client facilities. The Certified Nursing Assistant performs nursing procedures and patient care tasks as assigned by the facility under the direction of a Nurse or Physician.


Olympia, Washington

Job Description

We are seeking a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) to join the team of Cunningham Elite Staffing, LLC in Olympia, Washington.

We offer INDUSTRY-HIGH pay for the industry’s best CNA’s, NO JOKE. CNA: $18-20 per hr!

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When you join Elite, you are among the most talented professionals in the industry! Elite’s team fills open shifts at a variety of healthcare facilities including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, and other healthcare facilities which staff RN, LPN, CNA and multiple other healthcare positions. You are an employee of our Elite Staffing Team, not a facility-based employee. You get to experience a variety of locations, meet new people and discover differences between types of healthcare providers. You do not get stuck in the rut of the daily grind!

Reason 2: MONEY

Money isn’t everything but let’s face it, it’s reasonably close to oxygen!!! Elite is dedicated to drawing in and then retaining the best of the best. We offer our team members INDUSTRY HIGH PAY. Elite believes that reliable team members who show up for shifts and deliver qualified and compassionate care deserve GREAT pay!!


When working with Team Elite you can take long assignments or short assignments. You can move around or stay close to home. You can visit new cities or tuck your kids in each night. You get to choose when and where you work based on availability of assignments. Want tons of hours? Elite will make note of it. Want to pick up weekends? Doubles? Work only 3 days per week? Work close to home? Work just night shifts? Elite will work with your availability and preferences.


Other healthcare employers will either offer you higher pay with no insurance (still not usually as high as Elite … just saying) or lower pay along with insurance options. Elite wants to address both needs in your life, excellent pay AND insurance!! We care about our team and we love our team! We want the very best for you so that you can give your very best to the residents and facility staff that you will serve.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Qualifications:

  • Prior work experience in a nursing home
  • Preferred experience with a nursing home in the past 2 years
  • Supervises nursing care to residents
  • Complies with state and Federal Regulations
  • Works collaboratively with the facility staff at the locations Elite serves
  • Maintains the highest of standards of certified nursing practice
  • Clear English
  • Consistently arrives for shifts on time

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certifications:

  • Current CNA certification in the state of employment
  • Current CPR/BLS Certification
  • Education: High School Graduate or equivalent preferred
  • Successful completion of a nursing assistant course

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Duties and Responsibilities

The Certified Nursing Assistant is expected to practice safe and ethical nursing assistant duties within his/her scope as defined by the State Regulatory Agency under the direction of Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse or Physician. The Certified Nursing Assistant should understand his/her own limitations, seeking advice and assistance when necessary. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide for patient’s personal hygiene, comfort and activities of daily living
  • Administer treatments and perform duties as assigned in accordance with the facilities’ policies and procedures
  • Take vital signs and monitor intake and output
  • Assist the nurse or physician with patients and procedures
  • Completes documentation as required and in accordance with the client facilities’ policy
  • Accurately report patient status to supervisor
  • Utilize resources and materials in an efficient and safe manner
  • Consistently practice universal precautions
  • Performs all duties promptly in a competent and caring manner
  • Maintain good working relations and communication among patients/residents and all healthcare personnel
  • Present a neat appearance and dress in compliance with the client facilities’ policies

While on assignment, the Certified Nursing Assistant is responsible and accountable to their assigned patients and to the client institution. The Nursing Assistant is under the direct supervision of the Charge Nurse, Physician or other assigned personnel and must have the ability to follow directions/instruction from his/her supervisor.

Essential Functions:

  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Participates in continuing education and learning experiences to enhance and maintain current knowledge and skills for continued competence
  • Perform all duties using proper body mechanics, follow facilities “No Lift” policy as appropriate
  • Ability to operate and handle many kings of medical equipment
  • Frequently move/lift between 50-100 pounds, depending on assignment requirements
  • Stand for long periods with frequent squatting, twisting, bending, kneeling and reaching to prepare equipment, materials or objects in order to provide patient care or maintain the patient environment
  • Sensory requirements include speech for communication and vision, smell, touch and hearing to monitor patient status.
  • Manual dexterity and fine motor coordination
  • Ability to work in a stressful environment
  • Consistent attendance is required to assure that the client facilities’ needs and patient needs are met.
  • To comply with all client facilities’ policies, procedures and practices
  • To comply with all policies and to uphold our standards of excellence while on assignment at our client facilities.

Working Conditions:

The Certified Nursing Assistant must understand and accept the possibility of exposure to inside environmental conditions, such as noise, infectious/communicable diseases, blood and bloodborne diseases, chemicals and/or chemical fumes, odors, gases and dusts. There is also the possibility of physical injury/verbal abuse from an out of control patient and/or visitor. Frequent exposures to distressed patients, families or visitors.

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